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KHVATEC has its doors wide open for individual who are creative, challenging and passionate.

Ideal Candidates

New & Difference

KHVATEC employee relentlessly pursue being new and different, creative and innovative.

Challenge & Passion

The fundamental attitude of all KHVATEC employees is to passionately pursue objectives and do one’s best in assigned roles and responsibilities.


KHVATEC employees understand the true meaning of sharing and cooperation and know how to consider others before themselves. This is the true foundation and the starting point of trust and reliability.

Compensation System

The company employs various compensation systems to encourage its employees by rewarding the highest compensation to the most outstanding individuals.

Variable Bonus

Business Performance Bonus
Profit Sharing system that remits bonuses based on the company’s performance
Incentive system oriented towards performance output at the project, team and individual levels

Fixed Salary

Base Salary
Annual Salary System (salary paid monthly, 2 quarterly bonuses = total of 14 pay period per year)

Compensation and Benefits

KHVATEC considers its employees to be members of the family and provides various completion packages and support to enhance quality of life.

Healthy and Joyful Life

  • 5-Day Work Week

  • Annual Health Check-up

  • Club and Group Activity Support
  • Employee Friendship Group Activity Support
  • Company Outing/Sporting Events
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Provided
  • Family Special Event Support

  • Corporate Dormitory
  • Housing Support

  • Transpor-tation

  • Lengthy Employment Bonus

  • Flex-time work