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KHVATEC Co.,Ltd is the company with the expertise of Global ICT, which creates innovative values.

Corporate Identity

The logo of KHVATEC is simple and systematic shape, contains confidence and vision as a leading company in the global ICT components market. Its systematic shape linked organically indicates a strong technology and strategy of KHVATEC. And its color in black monochrome represents the rigid enterprise spirit to pursue consistent innovation and the management philosophy to provide the best value to the customers.

Corporate Color

KHV Black is powerful and clear, and shows the image of a modern enterprise. KHV Orange series which has been used as a continuous identity of KHV since its establishment takes a role that adds a visual vibrancy. If any spot color or finishing to be applied, silver color or silver foil finishing is to be used to express a metallic texture.

KHVATEC Logo Download

Family Brand Identity

Each affiliate's logo under KH Group is composed in a consistent shaping principle

Logo Download