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ESG Management

KH Group strives for ESG management to contribute to a sustainable future through recognizing the seriousness of the global sustainability crisis, including climate change and the loss of natural resources, and through our technology and innovation.


Environment Management

KH Group makes every effort to fulfill its corporate responsibility regarding the environment throughout all of its management activities. To minimize harmful effects on the environment, KHVATEC has established an environmental management system. The company strives to become the leading company that contributes toward the preservation of a clean and healthy environment. The following environmental policy is strictly excuted.

  • The operation status of the environmental management system is checked, and environmental aspects are first considered in corporate management activities.
  • Maintaining innovative environmental activities by developing goals and action plans to reduce environmental impact
  • Promoting the reduction of pollutant discharge into the environment as well as the efficient use of resources and energy
  • The legal stability of the company is secured by complying with domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations.
  • Systematic training and educational programs are provided to ensure that every employee and all contracted partners understand and follow the environmental management system.

Environmental Certification System

[ISO 14001:2015]

ESH Policy


KH Group is currently practicing sharing with the local communities through various CSR activities.

Perigee Hall

Opened in May 2013 with 202 seats as the classical performance arena, Perigee Hall, run by KHVATEC has been communicating with exquisite audiences by hosting rising stars to world class performers, ranging from solo, chamber to special performance projects. Perigee Hall, as a dedicated local community member, is providing unique cultural community contribution programs such as Lunch Time Concerts to the neighbors in order to help elaborate and to share cultural experiences and activities.

Perigee Gallery

Perigee Gallery is a non-profit art space run by KHVATEC that is open to the public. Since its inauguration in 2014, the gallery has strived to become a space where the general public and local residents can understand and enjoy works of contemporary and visual art through its exhibition program, Perigree Artist Series, and its educational program, Perigee Art School.

Local Community Contribution Activities

By continuing donations and volunteer activities for local and overseas communities, we are striving to improve the quality of life of global residents.

Ethical Standards

KHVATEC strives to practice fair and transparent ethical management to promote mutual co-existence with its customers and affiliated companies.

  • KHVATEC’s corporate culture motivates its employees with a sense of accomplishment through building mutual trust and respect amongst all employees. KHVATEC is developing a business culture that promotes good values, fairness, and transparency that encourages coexistence between the company, customers, and affiliates.
  • KHVATEC employees are encouraged to become outstanding professionals with self-respect and pride. Employees do not engage in discrimination, and the company places its best efforts to ensure fair evaluation and compensation as well as appropriate work assignment. Periodic communication between the management and employees is held to improve the management environment. Preventive education courses are held and the unethical behavior report center operates to eliminate unethical behavior amongst employees and to create a fair and clean corporate culture.
  • Customers are the reason for KHVATEC’s existence, and the company will pursue customer-first management practices to provide the highest value to its customers. Any promises made to our customers must be kept, and the company puts its best effort into establishing reasonable pricing policies and a transparent business culture.

Unethical Behavior Report Center

Any report of unethical behavior, such as unfair business practices, requests for bribes or favors, unethical accounting practices, or others, will be investigated by the Ethical Management Division of the company, and its outcome will also be communicated to the individual who reported the incident. Confidentiality of the reporting individual’s identity is strictly enforced throughout the entire investigation as well as post-action processes so that anyone can report unethical practices.

Quality Management

KHVATEC has become a company that impresses customers by practicing strict quality management from product design to production and shipment under the belief of being an 'Innovative Value Creator'

  • Fullfilling customer satisfaction through an innovative quality management system that prioritizes the avoidance of environmentally hazardous substances
  • Establishing an efficient process by improving work procedures
  • Increasing corporate value with the best technology and quality engineering
  • Achieving quality stabilization through preemptive quality control
  • Acquiring eco-friendly competitiveness of components through strengthening self-quality-assurance of affiliated companies, including health and safety

Quality Certification System

[IATF 16949:2016]

Safety and Health Certification System

[ISO 45001:2018]


Best Family Friendly management


BOD Composition

Title Name Date of appointment Term of office
CEO / The chairman of the BOD Nam Kwang Hee 03.31.2021 3Years
Executive director Kim Jong Sook 03.31.2022 3Years
Executive director Kim Jong Se 03.31.2021 3Years
Outside director Seo Jae Young 03.31.2023 3Years

BOD Activities

Date of Meeting Agenda Deliberation Result Affirmative Vote Note
1. 제31기 재무제표 승인의 건
2. 제31기 정기 주주총회 개최의 건
3. 전자투표 도입의 건
4. 2022년도 내부회계관리 운영평가 실태 보고의 건
가결 4/4 -

KHV Dividend Policy

Annual profits and retained earnings will be the top priorities to secure momentum for future growth, and annual cash dividends will be set at 10 to 15% of annual consolidated net income, and dividends will be flexibly implemented in consideration of future growth and return to shareholders.

KHV articles of incorporation / BOD operational regulations / Corporate governance constitution

Articles of incorporation BOD operational regulations Corporate governance constitution
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