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Culture and Art Sharing

A cultural place in which we can share pleasure and emotion through art.

Culture & Art Sharing

A Perigee is the closest point between the earth and the moon orbiting their own different trajectories. Just like Perigee, KHVATEC has established this place where we can get closer to one another through culture and art, with a dream of creating a beautiful world for all of us.

Perigee Hall and Gallery wishes to share with you previous experiences by providing a wide spectrum of exhibitions and performances covering art, science, culture and life.

In addition, we would like to be a leader in creating a world where we can promote social activities and contribute to the community by sharing art and cultural experiences.

Perigee Hall & Gallery

18, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
TEL +82-(0)70-4676-7032